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St. Lawrence is a community of families that values high academic standards and individualized development. An alternative to public school education, St. Lawrence School provides an environment that educates the child in mind, spirit, and body. Here, children build a strong sense of self and a deep commitment to morals, values, respect and civility. Under the guidance of competent Catholic leadership, our teachers bring years of experience and a wealth of caring to nurture every child’s individual journey.

Our model for education is built on the confidence that every student is very capable; our teachers work daily to help each child discover their unique strengths. We believe in “grade integrity” – marks that truly reflect both strengths and areas of weakness and are used to guide students, teachers, and parents to cultivate the child’s strengths so that they overwhelm any challenges the child may face.

Our teachers are highly trained and use years of experience to help every child realize his or her full intellectual, spiritual and physical potential. Their skill and dedication has helped St. Lawrence students outpace the State of Indiana Public School’s ISTEP+ average in every grade, in some instances by more than 20%.

For over 85 years, St. Lawrence School has been a vital part of the local community. We are proud to offer a different kind of education; one that has a positive impact on so many lives. Please contact us today to learn more about the St. Lawrence School Community.


Congratulations Staff and Students on outstanding I-step Scores once again!

Welcome Back!

The teachers and staff are excited to start the 2015-2016 school year!

Welcome to our new teachers Mrs. Lori Wilson, Mr. Bryan Wagner, and Mr. Jason Mejia.

We are also welcoming 34 new students and 14 new families!

Our Jr. High will have the opportunity to choose an elective that interests them.

Among the choices will be Music(Acoustic Guitars), Art, Technology/Journalism, and Choir.

Upcoming Events
  • September 1- SAT Meeting 6:30
  • September 19- Golftoberfest 6:30
  • September 20-26- Book Fair
  • September 23-Grandparents Day

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